I took 1.5g of some pretty potent mushrooms when I was 18. As a result of the trip some deeply repressed feelings relating to my faith (Muslim) arose. Prior to this experience. I’d pray 5x a day, fast during Ramadan, felt guilty when I’d “sin”. The sins being masturbation and eating Jr. Chickens from McDonald’s. I know what you maybe thinking. I was a monster deserving hell fire for eternity.

Anyway, back to the mushrooms. After that trip I began thinking about all my beliefs. Ultimately coming to the conclusion that religion is entirely arbitrary. I lost my virginity with regards to reality then. That’s when I dove into my pursuit of learning about what reality is and what, if any, truths exist.

Other than that I enjoy basketball, chess, fashion, exploring psychedelics, and attempting to rewire the neural nets of my organism.

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